Monday, August 26, 2013

How to apply for Voter Id card in A.P.

If you are from A.P. and you don't have voter ID card for A.P. constituency then you can apply here:

Use Form-6(New Enrollment) under "E-Registration" menu.

It will take minimum 3 months to get the card. Also please note that if you are applying for a new Voter card and you are already having a Voter card of some other state's constituency then you will have to provide those details while applying for the new one and the old one will become INVALID.

Please get the voter id card and use your voting power for bringing a good leader in power. No one is ideal but we can chose "Best among worst". If we do not use our voting power then we should not complain also for a bad government because we did not do our part correctly.

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  1. Got this link from where every state residents can find their state electoral website and can apply for voter id card online.